The United States of America’s famous pharmacy Walgreens, is a convenience store for Americans. The most astonishing thing is that they sell alcohol, cigarettes, and cigars. It shocks citizens out why a pharmacy whose main purpose is to sell human medicine would engage in intoxicating substances. The only answer remains an unethical practice against the rules of many counties regarding the operation of pharmacies. Their main mission is improving the well-being of Americans, it leaves you in a shock whether selling illicit drugs saves humanity. Despite negative claims that the pharmacy is offering illicit drugs to underage, Walgreens remain resistant that it cannot give up on the business. There are several reasons why Walgreens is still offering liquor, cigarettes, and cigar despite all the claims.

Ideally, Walgreens believes that it is the choice of customers to buy illicit drugs from their stores. They say that they have no authority to push or force consumers to buy a particular product from their stores. Therefore, they believe they are in the right business to offer convenience to customers who take intoxicating drugs by their choice. That means that by offering such drugs, Walgreens is aware of the negative effect they’ll cause to humanity, but they let people make their own decision as mature individuals.

Walgreens risks losing current and potential

Another reason why Walgreens chemist stores are still selling liquor, cigarettes, and cigars is to protect their brand. The chemist is known for selling both human drugs and illicit drugs, any attempt to remove such drugs from their stores draws much negativity. Such continued negative reviews from clients who are used to buying drugs from the pharmacy could tarnish Walgreens’ brand.

Walgreens risks losing current and potential investors by deciding to remove such drugs from its stores. Even though the drug store has been cautioned by the Food and Drugs Administrators as a chief violator of government directives, it remains reluctant on the fear of losing investors. The main role of investors is to increase the working capital of an enterprise, implying the more shareholders your entity has, the more the chances of succeeding. This chain store is in stiff competition with CVS Pharmacy, and it is working to ensure it remains at the top of the drug store business.

Reasons Why Walgreens Sell Liquor, Cigarettes, and Cigars

Significantly, Walgreens, like any other company, is a business entity that is ou there to make a profit. Any company would be happy to get as many clients as possible. That explains why Walgreens, as a drug store diversifies their sector to offer not only human medicine but also intoxicating drugs. By selling liquor, cigarettes, cigars, and human medicines, Walgreens is providing both a problem as well as a solution at the same time.

The bottom line, it takes a personal decision to buy illicit drugs and intoxicate yourself. Like other businesses, Walgreens has the right to sell cigarettes, liquor, or cigars, provided they’re following the directives provided by the Food and Drugs Administration. In case they’ll engage in selling hard drugs to children, then it is illegal. That is because children do not have a right to make such a decision of intoxicating themselves.