In the United States of America, there are citizens who find it difficult to feed daily because they’re receiving low income, or they don’t get any income. The federal government devised the “Supplementary Nutrition Assistance Program”, formally called “food stamps” which help those poor citizens eat healthier meals. In 2018, it was calculated that up to 40 million Americans survived on food stamps, but the number is currently higher as Americans have been hit hard financially. The virus, which spread across different cities, has taken a huge toll on people’s lives, making it impossible to feed without these food stamps. Centers that are responsible for sharing food have received more demands, as the need for food stamps have surged among citizens.

Food stamps used to be shared

Food stamps used to be shared as physical vouchers, but now, they’re loaded onto electronic transfer cards which are used in stores after shopping. These stamps were specifically created to cater for food items, meaning that you can’t use your food stamp to pay for any non-food item that you’ve purchased, even if you desperately need that item. You’re not allowed to buy beer or any other hard liquor with your food stamp, so it’s either you pay from your pocket, or you stay away from drinking.

You Can't Buy Beer With Food Stamps

There are energy drinks that your food stamp can pay for, but it’s not possible to buy beer with your food stamp. The food stamp rules are followed strictly, meaning that it’s not even possible to buy medicines with your food stamp, no matter how sick you are. Food stamps are specifically created to aid citizens who lack money to buy food, so if you’re looking for a beer, food stamps are not made for you. Your food stamps can’t be used to buy anything from stores that are dedicated to selling alcohol, even if it is food that you’re paying for, meaning that your food stamp is only active in food stores.

Apart from beer, it’s also impossible to use your food stamp to buy cigarettes or tobacco products because smoking is a vice which is not tolerated. You can use your food stamp to buy junk, even though there are calls for this to be stopped, as more Americans are suffering from obesity which is normally caused by consuming junk. These food stamps have saved millions of lives, and the federal government is ready to continue its funding, although there are strict rules that must be followed.